Luis Miguel Azorín

Photographer and YouTube content creator

Luis Miguel Azorín was born in Elda, Alicante, in 1986. He is indeed an enthusiast of the natural world and the content creator behind the YouTube channel Natural Portraits. A project dedicated to natural photography in its broadest sense.

With his restless mind and because he is a great lover of the natural world, Luis Miguel Azorín felt, since he was a child, fascination for everything that was around him. From the world of the very small, the macro and extreme macro world, to the largest and most distant, the Universe. Luis Miguel showed great scientific interest from a very young age.

Additionally, in 2004, part of these concerns lead to the development of one of the photographic disciplines he is most passionate about: astrophotography. An art in which, as has been noted, he soon came to specialize; specifically in the branch of planetary astrophotography. Since then, a fundamental pillar in his photography.

Thus, from 2016 it was also the turn of the branch of deep sky astrophotography, mainly with light equipment. Of course, this is not to mention other natural subjects such as macro photography or landscape photography. At that time, all this was the origin of the Natural Portraits project. Luis Miguel has also collaborated with organizations such as ALPO (Assotiation of Lunar and Planetary Observers) and PVOL (Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory).

Currently, Luis Miguel is an active trainer in the various photographic disciplines he works in through the Natural Portraits project. He is, of course, one of the most respected photographers in his field.



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