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Canarian Photo Awards 2023

The Canarian Photo Awards are now open for entries! An international photography contest based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. A competition in which photographers from all over the world will prove their talent and try to win the title of Absolute Winner and the €4000 that goes with it. In this edition, we expect to find incredible captures, coming from all over the world, showing the beauty of this planet.

But not only the winner of the competition will be awarded. Our photo contest is provided with more than Eur 15,000 in prizes. The biggest prize in an activity of this type in the Canary Islands.

A financial endowment of this size needs a Jury in accordance with it. That is why we have assembled an incredible international jury: Thomas Heaton, Mads Peter Iversen, Kilian Schönberger, Isabela Tabacchi, Jesús M. García, Néstor Rodan, Javier Alonso Torre, Luis Miguel Azorín, Mario Rubio and Montse González.

However, this is just the beginning. We also introduce you the Canarian Photo Week. A week of guided workshops. In the best locations, with the most admired and talented landscape photographers of our days. Masterclasses and much more in the unique surroundings of the Canary Isle of Lanzarote.

The winners will be invited to the Gala Dinner where the prizes will be awarded. A Gala Dinner will be held, together with the participants of the Canarian Photo Week, at the new hotel MYND Yaiza in Lanzarote.


From Canarian Photo Awards, we offer you five categories. Five themes where to show your creativity and versatility as a photographer and, why not, to win one or more of the great prizes that we propose. Sure you’ll can find a right category for your fine art photography in this contest.

Show us breathtaking landscapes, make us fly with the images captured with your drone or surprise us with amazing photos of the most curious wildlife. But don’t stop there. Make the world see the Canary Islands as only you see them or make us fall in love with starry skies and infinite views. If you love nature and you are passionate about photography, these Canarian Photo Awards are the international photography competition you were waiting for.

In all the categories of the contest, excepted Canary World, it is accepted images taken in any place in the World, regardless its origin or that of the Author.

Picture by NĂ©stor Rodan illustrating the Landscape category in the Canarian Photo Awards 2023
Aerial photography with drone
FotografĂ­a de un lince
Canary world LANZAROTE
Astrofotografia Orion

This is not just a photo competition for the Canary Islands. And it is not a European photo contest either, but rather an international photo contest. As we are expecting great images from all over the world, we have selected a number of categories in which you can participate. And you can enter in as many categories as you want.

The winning photographer will be awarded by the valuation of all the submit images. Participation in various categories will be valued as a sign of skill and creativity.


Canarian Photo Awards brings you the chance to win the biggest prize awarded in the Canary Islands in an international photographic contest on Nature. And one of the biggest in the world.

Although born as one of the biggest photography contests in Europe, these photography awards are fully international. This is why we hope to find the best photographers in the world among our entries. Professionals or amateurs, our photo contest is waiting for you.

The absolute winner, for us the photographer of the year, on top Eur 4,000 in cash, will get a one-week-stay in the MYND Hotel of his/her choice for two people in B&B regime. All five category winners will get a prize of Eur 1,000 in cash and a three-day-stay in the MYND hotel of his/her choice for two people in B&B regime.

This online contest will have, in each of the five categories, a distinction for the runner-up and honorable mentions.

Likewise, all the winners and distinctions will be invited to a Gala Dinner to be held in Lanzarote, where the Jury will hand out the Prizes.


to the absolute winner

1,000€ and gold medal to the best photography in each category.

Silver distinctions and Honorable Mentions in all the categories.

The Organization may increase the Prizes of the photography competition (adding more sponsors) during the entry period. Informing this in due time through the Social Networks accounts of the contest and its Web.

The photographer of the year, i.e. the absolute winner, will not opt for the prizes in each category.

The Canarian Photo Awards Jury

We value immensely each of the works that are presented to this photographic competition. It is for this reason that, as a jury, we have a group of first class professional photographers. Internationally recognized photographers, awarded all over the world and with an artistic ability beyond any doubt. These incredible masters, who stand out for the quality of their work and their media influence, will be the jury of our photography contest 2023.

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton

Mads Peter Iversen

Mads Peter Iversen

Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger

Isabella Tabacchi

Isabella Tabacchi

Nestor Rodan

Nestor Rodan

JesĂşs M GarcĂ­a

JesĂşs M GarcĂ­a

Javier Alonso Torre

Javier Alonso Torre

Luis Miguel AzorĂ­n

Luis Miguel AzorĂ­n

Mario Rubio

Mario Rubio

Montse González

Montse González

 Justo GĂłmez

Justo GĂłmez


Justo GĂłmez, coordinator

In our activity as landscape or fauna photographers, we have the privilege of admiring the natural wonders in a way that not many people can. Sometimes we can stay for hours contemplating the same scene.

For that reason, I think we are privileged with a deeper and longer enjoyment of our treasuries in Nature. But at the same time, we might be more conscious about its fragility and the risk of losing our environment for future generations.

We, at CPA/CPW, feel obliged to launch an SOS and a call of help to contain the damage as much as possible and to promote a sustainable use of natural Resources.

The Canary Islands, in particular, are a clear example of this. They contain a natural wealth without equal, but the threat is real and the risk of damage is high.

We set up this double initiative of an annual Nature photographic contest and a photographer’s meeting in the Canary Islands with the objective of linking this Land with the exaltation of the Natural Treasures. We want to collaborate in the awareness of the Society, Authorities, and Economic agents. And do it about the values of Respect for Nature, Ecology, and sustainability. Through the contemplation of the natural beauties as Art Master Pieces.

At the same time, we want to spread around the Word, through the publication of images captured by photographers followed by millions of people in the social networks, the beauties observed in these paradisaic Islands.

We are convinced that the best way of sustainability is to make aware the Society that their best asset is Nature. We must combine the conservation policies with an economic activity respectful with Nature in order to create a virtuous circle between them.

In this mood, we found the best possible partner: Mynd Hotels. They are convinced about all these values and incorporate them in their business model in an efficient way while they develop their economic activity with success.

MYND Hotels

Starting with the meaning of sustainability:

“Sustainability means to satisfy the needs of the current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, at the same time that it is guarantied a balance between economy growth, respect for Nature and the well being of the Society”

MYND Hotels want to hold a photographic contest to help us to witness of our present world. To make us conscious of the importance of preserving it and we don’t find a better use of it than photographing it.


Available time is limited, don’t miss the opportunity.

Don’t wait to the last minute. Even more, the early participants will enjoy discounts in their fees. 

  • Open of submissions: July, 1st 2022
  • End of submissions: December, 31st 2022
  • Awards giving day: February, 11th 2023









Gala Dinner

There is no better way to end these international photography awards than with a great Gala Dinner.
The awards ceremony and prizes hand-out Will take place in a dream scenery: the new MYND Yaiza Hotel in Lanzarote Island. An amazing place where you will get to know great photographers and enjoy together a memorable evening.

MYND Hotels logo

All the winner of each category, absolute winner, silver medals and honorable mentions will be invited to the Gala Dinner on the February, 11th 2023 in MYND Yaiza Hotel in Lanzarote

*Transport and accommodation not included


Any doubts about how to join this contest? Just ask, we are here to help you and solve any doubt or problem you could have. Our team will solve any problem in the fastest possible way and make any effort so your only concern be to obtain the best images for this international photography awards. So forget your worries and focus on the competition. Become the winner of our foto awards.



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