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In the F.A.Q. you can find answers to some of the most common questions. Although if your question is too specific or not among them, you can use the following form to contact us. We will try to solve any doubt or question you may have.

Frequently asked questions –  FAQ

It is absolutely normal to have doubts about some of the aspects of the contest, it happens to everyone. Here we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Are there any date or time restrictions on when the image was taken?

No, there are no date or time restrictions on when the image was taken.

Can I edit my images?

A certain degree of editing and post-production of the image is allowed, always at the discretion of the jury. In case of doubt, the jury may ask the finalists for the original file, without editing, of any of the photographs (Raw file). This file will be used only to demonstrate ownership of the image and to check the degree of editing of the image.

Editing in terms of panoramic joints, HDR, black and white is allowed. It is not allowed to add or delete elements that do not appear in the scene.

Can I participate in several categories?

Yes, you can participate in as many categories as you wish. In fact, the jury will value positively the participation in several categories.

Is there a photograph limit submission?

Yes, there is a limit, each registration grants the right to submit 4 photographs for each chosen category, being able to participate in several or all of them by paying the corresponding fee.

How can I participate?

Participating in our photo contest is very simple. You just have to click on the Participate section of our menu or on one of the many buttons that you will find on the page. Want it even easier? Click here.

Once you are in our participation area you will only have to register. You can upload the images you want to the different categories.

To confirm the submission of your photographs to the contest, do not forget to click on “Complete participation”.

Can I submit in Landscape, wildlife, aereal en Night Photography categories images taken outside The Canary Island?

Yes. The only category that requires all photographies to be taken or related to the Canary Island is Canary World. The other Four categories are open to images taken anywhere in the World.

Can I submit less than 4 Photographies per subscription?

Yes, you can submit one, two, three, or four photographies in each category for the same price. But you will have to pay the corresponding fee for every category in which you participate.

Can I present a photography if I don’t have the raw file?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it because in case of doubts if the Jury ask for the Raw file and you don’t provide it you will be disqualified.



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Canarian Photo Week is now THE PHOTO WEEK

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