Néstor Rodan

Photographer and international guide

Néstor Rodan is a landscape photographer by vocation. He is also a photographic travel guide and creator of multimedia content.

He began, at the age of 20, as a cameraman for a local television station while he was studying in his native León. Years later, he started in digital photography with a Canon and since then he has not stopped photographing, traveling and teaching.

Néstor Rodan is one of the photographers who best knows the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. This is an area in which he has developed multiple workshops and activities, both on the coast, as in the forest or in the mountains.

Likewise, his great passion is extreme travel and he goes wherever he can make incredible images, mainly in cold climates, where his quality as a photographer soars. His photographs of Lake Baikal, Greenland, Iceland, Lofoten Islands, Lapland, etc. …. show his admiration and great taste for these places.

Apart from several commercial photographic works, Nestor is currently developing as an international guide and trainer in trips around the world, with special emphasis on Arctic areas.

Nestor remains faithful to the brand and philosophy of his first Canon camera, of which he is an ambassador. At the same time, he uses all the technology and means available to capture the best possible photographs. Above all, and in particular, Drones, being today, Néstor Rodan, one of the best specialists.

Also, Nestor has been awarded several national and international prizes and enjoys a recognized prestige among photographic associations and the many attendees to his trips and courses.

“I will continue looking for new destinations, new sensations and learning as I have done so far with each photo taken, always enjoying this lifestyle that is photography.”



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