Mario Rubio


Mario Rubio became known in the photographic world years ago as a night photographer. In fact, his current base of operations is the portal called, but do not be fooled by this detail. Currently, he is not only a nature photographer in the broadest sense with great recognition, he has managed to develop an extensive educational and informative activity in various media. Among these remarkable goals we can find elements such as his famous on-line photo academy, the organization of photographic congresses such as iNight for more than ten years, or his Podcast network.

In addition to this, Mario Rubio teaches photography workshops in Spain, Latin America and Iceland, among other countries, and manages the magazine Fotógrafo Nocturno. It is also worth mentioning his two photography books: “El fotógrafo en la noche” and “Cómo vivir de la fotografía”.

In the last 10 years, Mario Rubio has positioned himself as a leader and undisputed reference in photography websites. As a result, he has created a community of thousands of followers, not only in Spain, but also in many Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

He has a loyal community of followers who repeat again and again in the activities of the Fotógrafo Nocturno brand. Activities such as photographic tours, photography courses, congresses or group activities that are always carried out mainly around landscape photography.

His impressive photographs and his wide and proven experience as a trainer serve him wherever he goes.



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