Kilian Schönberger

Photographer & Geographer

Kilian Schönberger was born in 1985 in Bavaria, near the German-Czech border. He had a deep connection to nature, as the gate in the fence of his parents’ garden was the entrance to a forest. So Kilian grew up in the huge forests along the former Iron Curtain.

Already as a child he was interested in nature and spent long hours outdoors in the forest most of the time. After finishing school, Kilian Schönberger spent a year in the Bavarian Alps and then began studying geography in the former capital Bonn. Field trips with the university took him to Switzerland, Egypt, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands between 2006 and 2010. During these trips, Kilian discovered digital photography as an optimal tool to combine geography and the visual experience of wild landscapes. A discovery that, basically, would change his life forever.

Little by little landscape photography became more and more important for the geographer. After finishing university in 2012, Kilian Schönberger started working as a full-time freelance photographer with a clear specialization in landscape photography.

His education as a geographer and his life experience in some of the most impressive landscapes in the world give his photographs an especially delicate character. A skill that has helped him to quickly place his images among some of the most outstanding. He has become especially known for the main themes fog, forests and mountains.

To conclude, has published nine books on landscape photography. He has also worked for different tourist boards and companies like Adobe and his photos have been published in many newspapers and magazines around the world. He at the same time has extensive experience in workshops and other training practices.



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