Justo Gómez

Photographer and CPA/CPW coordinator

Justo Gómez is the director-coordinator of the events included in the CanarianPhotoAwards/CanarianPhotoWeek.

Certainly, Justo is the co-creator of the idea of organizing an event based on the values of ecology and sustainability in the Canary Archipelago. This, in particular, is an area where he constantly travels to carry out photographic projects. After all, his extensive experience (more than 30 years) in the international financial world provides a global prism for the proper organization of this type of event.

Justo Gómez trained in photography with the best landscape photographers in Spain. What’s more, his love for photography has led him to leave the world of finance and dedicate himself, above all, to photographic projects. These include trips to destinations as diverse as Iceland, Norway or Siberia.

As a result of this passion for photography, Justo Gómez develops several creative projects. In them he uses multiple tools such as drones, stabilizers and latest generation mirrorless cameras. To put it another way, Justo is always discovering new technologies that allow him to take his art even further.

In any case, for Justo, photography must not be satisfied with a good technique, it must tell something more. For this reason, his work is always looking for something that goes beyond color, tones or shapes, in order to find a union with a soul of its own.


“I am delighted to be able to combine the skills developed in my professional career in the financial world and my passion for photography with the organization of the CPA and CPW. It’s something I’m enjoying immensely and I intend for it to be enjoyed equally by everyone who participates in it.”



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The Canarian Photo Week is now THE PHOTO WEEK!


Canarian Photo Week is now THE PHOTO WEEK

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